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Tucker Twitmyer is our Founder and has 21 years of real-world experience as a Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, or Manager of private companies, funds, and firms, recognized by prior clients for his contributions as an expert witness.  

Tucker Twitmyer

President & Founder

Our Difference

Our first client-attorneys asked for an opinion.  They got a lot more.  We decided to build a better expert witness experience – from start to finish – that makes an attorney’s job easier and more successful.  We are all about delivering efficient justice.


Excellent written and oral communication skills enabled by 20+ years of real-world knowledge that ensure you have clear, comprehensive, simple, compelling delivery of even the most complex opinions.


Professional project management processes, tools, and templates that provide you with the transparency that you need to know that you get what you asked for when you asked for it, no-surprise depositions and testimonies.


Proven, rapid-iteration drafting process that provides a quick, initial read of the matters in question followed by increasingly comprehensive analysis that is tailored to the scope and time available.


Extensive real-world experience and a rigorous case and publicly available document review ensures credibility and gives you the opportunity to build your best strategies and tactics informed by the evidence and common practice.

Our expertise

Private company expert witnesses are often professors and economists.  If that is who you are using, you may be missing out on the power of knowledge of AND expertise AND real-world credibility.  

Lots of academics can tell you what a document says, but how many can tell you how that document compares to common practice?  Can they relate to a jury and help that jury understand the context so critical to the truth? Can they explain issues to juries in simple and compelling testimony, relating back to their own experiences?

At Venture Capital Expert Witness we employ only the best of the been-there, done-that veterans of private companies. Examples of some of our areas of expertise:

















Team management

Private company matters often require a team of Expert Witnesses.  If you are engaging a team, Venture Capital Expert Witness’s Tucker Twitmyer can provide you with management and oversight of that team.  Using our best practices, templates, and tools, we can deliver a coordinated, high-quality outcome across all your experts.

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